Helping your 14 to 19 year old to learn

As your child starts to study for GCSEs and other qualifications you may find they have to do a lot more work. Supporting your child's learning during this time can help them get the qualifications they need.

Methods to help your child study and learn

There's a lot you can do to help your child with their homework, coursework and exam revision.

Helping with homework

Here are some ways you can help:

  • suggest doing homework as soon as it is received so that the information is fresh in your child's mind from classes
  • encourage your child to speak up when in difficulty, as you may be able to help find the answers
  • make sure your child has a good work-life balance, and doesn't spend too much time either going out with friends or sitting and doing homework
  • find out about educational programmes on radio or television
  • find out if there are any study support or homework clubs that may help

Tackling coursework

Good coursework marks can boost your child's grades. You can help by:

  • finding out about the curriculum and how much work needs to be done
  • finding out when coursework is due and helping your child to complete it on time
  • making sure your child is clear about what they are required to do and how marks are awarded
  • finding internet sites and safe chat rooms that can help with studying
  • encouraging your child to print and save their work regularly if they are working on a computer
  • encouraging your child to talk to their teacher about any problems they are having as early as possible
  • making sure your child has the right books and resources

Aiding revision

You can help ease the pressure of exams by:

  • helping your child develop a timetable, and help them stick to it
  • listening to your child and finding ways to support them
  • encouraging your child with praise and rewards
  • creating a suitable environment for study and revision, for example a quiet area with a desk to work at

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