Family mediation

There are family mediation services available for parents having relationship problems. They can have relationship counselling and therapy. When parents decide to separate, they can use the pre-court family mediation service. It's a free service.

Pre-court mediation service

This service is available through:

  • Family Mediation NI
  • Barnardos

It can help families adjust to separation and divorce. The service is free. 

How family mediation can help

Mediation is voluntary.  A neutral mediator works with a couple to  identify how separation or divorce will affect the family and to find agreement about:

  • children
  • finance
  • property

Support and mediation can help couples develop a better relationship between each other and with their children after the divorce is finalised.

For more information on pre-court mediation services, go to:

This free service is additional to court-directed family mediation which is funded by Legal Aid or self funding by participants.

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