Distance measurement tool

The distance calculator will provide a measurement in metres 'as the crow flies' between two sets of mapping co-ordinates.

These co-ordinates are obtained using the OSNI Map Shop map viewer. The following information shows how to measure the distance between two addressed properties.

How to use the tool

In the OSNI Map Shop under the category of ‘Create a map’ select the option for ‘ACEmap’

First find the Starting Point

You can use the address search to find property co-ordinates as follows:

  • enter address details and search for address
  • click your chosen address from the 'address results' to find the property on the mapping
  • use scale slide, top left, on map viewer, to zoom in on the property
  • position your mouse pointer on the centre of the property, you will see the co-ordinates displayed on the top right corner of the map viewer
  • note carefully the co-ordinates of the Starting Point (for example, 123456 123456)

Now find the Finishing Point

Repeat the address search to find the second property and again using the mouse pointer carefully note the co-ordinates of the centre of the property.

Then start the distance calculator tool.

Other measurement tools

You can also measure areas, perimeters and 'on the ground' distances using measurement tools in the OSNI Map Shop.


Technical reference

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