Discoverer series

The Discoverer series has 18 full colour flat or folded paper maps covering Northern Ireland at a scale of 1:50,000. Designed for tourist and leisure activities, maps show roads, footpaths, woods, water features, important buildings, historical features and height.

Key features

  • each map covers an area of 40km x 30km and is based on the Irish Grid co-ordinate system
  • the Discoverer series is compatible with the Republic of Ireland Discovery series, using the same sheet numbering system, same co-ordinate system, same data source in the border areas and a similar cartographic style and feature content
  • the Discoverer series has tourist information including youth hostels, picnic areas, view points, camp sites and shows road classification, way marked walks, paths and numbered national cycle networks
  • the Discoverer series shows loughs, rivers and canals with names, as well as beaches and marshes
  • relief is shown in easy to read coloured layers and includes contours at 10m intervals
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  • tourism
  • leisure activities
  • route planning
  • navigation
  • emergency services
  • contingency planning
  • distribution services

Technical information

  • 18 sheets in the series with sheet numbering system on an all Ireland basis
  • scale of 1:50,000, for example 2cm on the map represents 1km on the ground
  • updated every three years
  • full Irish Grid co-ordinates enabling a unique reference to be given to any feature or point
  • digitally derived from OSNI's large-scale database
  • international, county and local government district boundaries shown

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