Dangerous or derelict properties

Building control in the local council is responsible for investigating derelict, dangerous and insecure buildings in your area.

Derelict properties

You'll notice a property is derelict if:

  • the building is boarded up or has metal screens over the doors and windows
  • no-one enters or leaves the property
  • the front and back gardens are overgrown
  • there is rubbish dumped at the front or back of the property
  • there are pests and vermin in the neighbouring properties
  • there is evidence of squatting or illegal activities
  • the property looks derelict, with broken windows and doors, or holes in the roof

Dangerous structures

As a building ages, the structure can become weaker. Unstable buildings are dangerous and could collapse during stormy or severe weather conditions.

Buildings can also become dangerous due to:

  • poor maintenance
  • fire
  • storms
  • explosions
  • loose or falling roof tiles
  • walls or fences that could collapse
  • unstable chimneys

Reporting a derelict or dangerous property

To report a derelict or dangerous property, contact building control in the local council.

The council has authority to deal with privately owned derelict buildings that are insecure and open to public access. The council usually contacts the owner and tells them to make the building safe. The owner pays any safety costs for the building.

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