Counting games with your child

You can count the things you see with your child inside your house and outdoors You can play shop, board games or computer games, as well as hide and seek and driving games.

Games to play inside

There are many games you can buy and play such as:

  • board games
  • dominoes
  • cards

You can also use your imagination and play counting games with your child.

Playing shop

For the shop, you need packets and tins of food and toy money. You act as the shopkeeper and the child buys groceries or other household items in the shop. The child needs to work out:

  • what they want to buy
  • how much it will cost
  • if they have enough money
  • if they get the right change

Then swap roles so the child is the shopkeeper.

Board games

There are different board games for children to enjoy counting. Simple games like “Snakes and Ladders” and “Ludo” for younger children, to more advanced games such as “Monopoly” and “Cluedo” for older children. You can also make your own board games with items at home.

Computer games

Computer games that can help develop counting skills include:

  • Count the bananas
  • Count the carrots
  • Numeral matching

Players count the objects present and connect them to the matching number. Computer games can be as easy or advanced as your child needs.

Games to play outside

One, two, three, whee

Two people each hold one of the child’s hands or arms. They count aloud 'One, two, three, whee' in a loud voice and then swing the child in the air.  

Hide and seek

The child is the seeker. They count to 20 while the others hide nearby. The seeker finds the others in their hiding places.

Driving games

When you are driving in your car you can count. Pick different types of vehicle to count like cars, tractors, buses or motorbikes. You can also count only a particular colour of the vehicle.

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