Biomass is a collective term for all plant and animal material like wood, straw and poultry litter, and energy crops, such as willow, grown on short rotation coppice, which are burned to produce energy.

Suitability of biomass for your home

The most popular form of domestic biomass system uses wood pellets which are formed from highly compressed, uncontaminated sawdust. In order to be regarded as a renewable source of energy it is important that the wood burned comes from a sustainable source and that trees used for fuel are replanted.

Wood pellet systems are available either as stoves for heating a single room or as boilers to provide full central heating and hot water. Pellets can be supplied in 10kg bags but for maximum economy it is better to buy them loose by the tonne. Storage space for pellets therefore is something that needs to be considered.

Insulate first

You should make sure that your property is properly insulated before installing renewable technologies.

Next steps

To find out more about making your home energy efficient and what grant aid is currently available, you can call:

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