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Everything you need to go fishing

Everything you need to know about fishing in Northern Ireland can be found at the link below:

Navar Lakes

Achork, Glencreawan and Meenameen are closed on Saturday 1 September 2018 as Forest Service will be closing access roads due to a car rally.

June fish stocking figures

The June 2018 fish stocking figures have been published:

Algae bloom at Portavoe and Stoneyford reservoirs

There is an algae bloom in Portavoe and Stoneyford reservoirs. You can't tell if an algae bloom in the water is toxic just by looking at it, so it's best to assume that it is harmful and take the following precautions:

  • do not swim in the water
  • do not swallow the water
  • avoid contact with the water or algae
  • do not eat fish caught from the water
  • pet owners should ensure that their animals do not have access to the water or drink the water
  • observe and abide by any warning notices positioned around the water

Copeland (Marshallstown) and Lough Mourne

The water levels at Copeland (Marshallstown) reservoir and Lough Mourne are low.  Fishing can continue but anglers are advised not wade into the water from soft or muddy banks to get closer to the water:

Ireland fisheries

There have been reports of dead coarse fish at two fisheries in the Republic of Ireland.  This is being investigated by Inland Fisheries Ireland. When the cause  is known a further update will be given.

If you've recently fished in the Republic of Ireland and plan to fish in Northern Ireland, follow the advice at the link below when you leave the water, to stop the spread of invasive species:

Craigavon City Park Lake South

The car park at Craigavon Watersports Centre is closed due to construction work.  Therefore the nearest car park for anglers fishing at Craigavon City Park Lake South is off roundabout nine on the Portadown to Lurgan road.

Moor Lough

North West Model Aircraft Club plan to be at Moor Lough on the following dates 29 July and 31 September 2018 - weather permitting. 

Anglers may wish to consider other nearby angling waters on those dates, such as Lough Ash.

Community Outreach Angling Events Fund

The 'Community Outreach Angling Events Fund' which helps with small grants, to encourage participation in angling, has reopened (since Monday 15 January 2018) following a short suspension of this scheme. Further information is available from DAERA Inland Fisheries, by telephone:

Phone: 0300 2007 860

Improvement works at Hillsborough Lake dams

Due to improvement works at Hillsborough Lake dams:

  • the upper car park will stay closed until the works are finished                       
  • Church Dam is closed - once the work at Church Dam is finished, the contractors will move back to finish the works on West Dam - this schedule depends on weather conditions as wet ground would be heavily damaged by equipment 
  • to avoid harming the public, fly fishing is not allowed from any of the dam walls and shores beside the dam walls or near the footbridge 
  • anglers can use at least one dam for angling at any one time during the improvement works      

Portavoe Reservoir

The car park gates at Portavoe Reservoir will be locked each evening (before darkness) until 8.00 am the following day due to a series of anti-social behaviour issues at the site. This arrangement will be in place until further notice. 

New fisheries added to DAERA Public Angling Estate 

A number of new waters have been added to the DAERA Public Angling Estate. They are: 

  • Dunalis Reservoir near Coleraine 
  • Boomers Dam in Lisburn 
  • Lough Islandreavy in the Mournes 
  • Creighton’s Green near Belfast 

The new fisheries will be jointly managed with local angling clubs and day tickets will be available to DAERA Season Permit holders at reduced rates. 

Further information will be published here in the coming weeks.  If you have questions about these new waters, contact: 

Safety at waterways

If you're a competitor or a spectator at angling events, always pay attention to safety notices and warnings about waterways.


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