Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps convert energy from the air outside to heat your home, using similar technology to a ground source heat pump.

Properties suitable for air source heat pumps

The heat produced is typically between 35 and 45 degrees celsius which is much lower than a conventional boiler. The heat pump should be incorporated with an under floor heating system and a solar thermal panel (to provide domestic hot water) for maximum efficiency.

Air source heat pumps are not as commonly used here as ground source heat pumps but are starting to become familiar. They have been used in other parts of the world for some time. They are considerably cheaper than ground source heat pumps to install, as they don’t require any ground works and don’t require much space.

This also makes them ideal for flats, apartments and dwellings with limited space. An air source heat pump should provide the heating requirements for a well insulated property in all but the most extreme conditions.

Remember to insulate first

You should make sure that your property is properly insulated before installing renewable technologies.

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