1:10,000 paper or raster map

The 1:10,000 scale mapping is derived directly from OSNI's large-scale database and provides clear, detailed and textual information on roads, buildings, fields, administrative boundaries, water features and vegetation overlaid by contours at 10 metre intervals.

1:10,000 availability

1:10,000 scale mapping is available as paper plots or as digital raster data.

Raster mapping is the simplest form of digital mapping. The raster data has been geo-referenced to the Irish Grid so it can be viewed in the right geographical position using geographic information (GI) software.

Bespoke paper plots can be centred on a site specific area in landscape orientation and are printed at A* paper size. Paper plots of 1:10,000 scale mapping show Irish Grid lines and coordinates directly on the map.

Key features

  • this raster product has been derived from OSNI large scale data
  • clear and detailed information showing many topographical features and includes road, street and administrative names
  • because this product is fully geo-referenced, Irish Grid co-ordinates can be found for any point on the map using GI software and can be used with other OSNI mapping and address data for example Pointer
  • bespoke 1:10,000 scale
  • raster mapping is generated directly from the most up-to-date OSNI large-scale database
  • the 1:10,000 scale raster tiles are updated annually in line with OSNI map revision policy


  • ideal mid-level scale for background mapping
  • data analysis
  • environmental analysis
  • development and land use planning
  • can be overlaid with customer geographical, address or business data

Technical information

  • can be displayed on almost any GI and graphics software
  • fully edge-matched
  • high resolution  400dpi
  • supplied in uncompressed tiff format complete with tiff world files (tfw) to geo-reference
  • supplied in enhanced compressed wavelet (ecw) format complete with world files (eww) to geo-reference
  • supplied as bespoke user defined areas or in tiles covering a quarter of an Irish Grid sheet, average file size is 12MB
  • area covered by each tile 4.8km x 3.2km

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