Introduction to the Ulster Gift Fund papers

Date published: 16 November 2007

Part of: Significant privately deposited archives , U - Introductions to significant privately deposited archives

This is a document summarising some of the most interesting and significant content within the Ulster Gift Fund archive (D912) held in PRONI.


The records of the Ulster Gift Fund comprise 3000 documents, 1938-1947.  

The Fund was formed in September 1939 for the purpose of providing clothing and bandages to military hospitals and woollen comforts for the serving forces of the Crown.  

It existed for six-and-a-half years until March 1946 and performed immense and varied services covering very many aspects of the war effort of Northern Ireland.  Its story is a tribute to the devotion of the large number of the women of Ulster who came from all parts of the province and all sections of society.  They endeavoured to do what they could to brighten the lives of their men-folk in the services, on the seas, in the hospitals, or interned in prison camps in enemy territory.


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