Introduction to the R.D.C. Black Papers

Date published: 21 November 2007

Part of: Significant privately deposited archives , B - Significant privately deposited archives

This is a document summarising some of the most interesting and significant content within the R.D.C. Black archive (D4115) held in PRONI.


The R.D.C. Black Papers comprise around 8,500 documents, 1937 to 1995, deriving from the professional career of Robert Denis Collison Black (b.1922), former head of the Department of Economics at The Queen's University of Belfast (1971 to 1975).  The papers consist mainly of manuscripts and final drafts of most of Professor Black's works, including his work on W.S. Jevons, a noted nineteenth-century economist, and papers by, and correspondence with, other eminent economists and economic historians, for example, A.W. (Bob) Coates, L.M. Cullen, Sir John Hicks and William Jaffe.


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