Introduction to the Armagh Diocesan Registry Archive

Date published: 21 November 2007

Part of: Significant privately deposited archives , A - Introductions to significant privately deposited archives

This is a document summarising some of the most interesting and significant content within the Armagh Diocesan archive (DIO/4, T729, T848, T1056, T1066, T1067 and MIC2) held in PRONI.


The Armagh Diocesan Registry archive comprises 409 volumes and around 17,655 documents relating to the primacy, the province and the archdiocese of Armagh, 1240, 1291 and 1360 to 1977. 

They include:

  • archbishops' registers, 1360 to 1543, 1678 to 1719, and 1878 to 1943
  • historical compilations, 1360 to 1774, which include rent rolls relating to church lands, inquisitions
  • correspondence 1615 to 1957, relating to schools and education, mainly in the archdiocese of Armagh, including Armagh Royal School and the Erasmus Smith endowment
  • correspondence, legal papers, accounts 1713 to 1934, relating to various charities such as Hugh Boyd's Charity, the Vaughan Charity and Jackson's Charity
  • visitation returns and papers, 1617-1973
  • title deeds, leases, rentals, maps, and surveys relating to church lands, 1606 to 1910


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