Remember to put clocks forward this weekend

Date published: 29 March 2019

Make sure you remember to put your clocks forward this weekend, as British Summer Time begins on Sunday (31 March). While you may get an hour's less sleep, on the plus side evenings will now be lighter for longer.

Reset clocks on Saturday night

At the moment we are on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). At 1.00 am on Sunday (31 March) the clocks will go forward an hour as we move to British Summer Time, meaning it will be 2.00 am.

You should reset your household clocks, watches and time-based equipment on Saturday night, so you don't spend Sunday trying to figure why you're late. The equipment you may need to reset includes:

  • clocks – especially alarm clocks
  • central heating and hot water timers
  • your mobile device and computer (if their time zone settings do not instruct them to automatically take the correct local time from the internet)

British Summer Time ends on the last Sunday in October, at 1.00 am Greenwich Mean Time.

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