Play a part in making roads safer

Date published: 02 January 2019

Everyone can play a part in reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads. The majority of road deaths are down to human error, including poor road user behaviour, and are preventable.

Personal responsibility

Every day and every journey brings with it a new risk and everyone needs to be on their guard at all times.

Everyone has to behave responsibly as they share the road – for their own safety, the safety of their passengers and that of other road users. 

Actions make a difference, such as:

  • slowing down
  • always paying attention
  • never driving after drinking or taking drugs
  • ignoring the mobile phone
  • looking out for those who walk, cycle or ride a motorcycle as they are more vulnerable
  • always wearing a seatbelt, no matter how short the journey

You can get more road safety advice at the following link:

These can all help prevent deaths or serious injuries on the roads.

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