In this section you can access lists of townlands arranged in the following different ways:

  • by county
  • by parish
  • within the estates of major landowners
  • alphabetically. The average file size is quite large so be prepared for download times to your computer proportional to the file size

Note: This list has not been tested extensively.  If you think something is inaccurate, please contact PRONI and let us know.  Your help will be appreciated.

Townlands by County

Townlands by Parish

See Parishes - Parish maps are included in this section.

Townlands within Major Estates

Please note not all townlands are within major estates. Small landowners may have owned an entire townland, or the land may have been spilt between a number of smaller landowners.

Townlands by Estate Ownership

Alphabetical List

Each townland in this list has its county, parish, District Electoral Division and Ordnance Survey map (6 inch county series) reference number given alongside.

[Ab-Al] [An-Av ] [Ba-Ballym ] [Ballyn-By ] [Ca-Cly ] [Co-Cu ] [D ]
[E ] [F ] [G ] [H ] [IJ ] [Ka-Killy ] [Kilm-Ku ] [L ] [M ]
[NO ] [PQ ] [R ] [S ] [T ] [UVW ]

Please note there are no townlands starting with the letters X, Y or Z.


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