Transfer to a post-primary school in 2019

Parents and guardians of children in year seven at primary school apply for their child’s post-primary place. They fill in the Transfer form and should list at least four schools, including a non-grammar school. Your child isn't guaranteed a place at a particular type of post-primary school.

Information about post-primary schools

To read information about post-primary schools, go to:

You can find out:

  • how many places are available at each school
  • admissions criteria each school uses if the school receives more applications than places they have available

You can ask post-primary schools for their prospectus and if they have an open day or night.  At school open events, you can learn more about a school and meet staff and the principal.  Schools usually advertise their open days in local newspapers.

Transfer form

The Transfer form and guidance notes were available from your child’s primary school in January 2019. This form is used to apply for your child’s place at a post-primary school.

Information schools might want

On the Transfer form, a post-primary school can ask if your child:

  • has any brothers or sisters at the school you’re applying to
  • is the eldest child, only child or eldest boy or girl in the family
  • is registered as entitled to free school meals

Filling in your child’s Transfer form

Before you list a school on the Transfer form, read the school’s admission criteria.  You should make sure you understand what’s needed by the schools you list.  You’re responsible for giving accurate and relevant information on the Transfer form.  This allows the schools you listed to consider your child’s application.

Schools admission criteria

When considering your child’s application, a post-primary school only uses information on your child’s Transfer form. They use the Transfer form when they need to apply their admissions criteria if they get more applications than places they have available.

To read a school's admissions criteria, go to:

Types of post-primary schools

Your child isn't guaranteed to get a place in any of the schools you list. Even if your child would prefer to go to a grammar school, it’s important you include one other type of school on their Transfer form.

Closing date for application forms

Your child’s primary school will have told you the date they needed you to return your child’s Transfer form.  Transfer forms were due back to the Education Authority by Wednesday 6 February. 

Y our child’s primary school should forward your application form to the  Education Authority by Wednesday 6 February. If you haven’t completed and returned your child’s form, you need to do so as soon as possible.

Processing applications for post-primary school places

Schools process the Transfer forms between 6 February and 30 May 2019.  During that time the Education Authority passes your child’s Transfer form to your first preference post-primary school. The school applies their admissions criteria to the information on your child’s application.

If unsuccessful in gaining a place, your child's transfer form will be passed to some or all of your school preferences.

Change in your child's circumstances

Certain changes could affect your child's Transfer application for example:

  • their address changes
  • they become registered as entitled to free school meals

To report a change in your child's personal circumstances, you should contact the Transfer Officer in the Education Authority by:

Placement letters for post-primary school places

You’ll receive a placement letter about your child’s application on 1 June 2019. The letter will tell you which post-primary school has given your child a place.

If your child doesn’t get a place in any of their school preferences, the letter will ask you to choose from other schools that still have places. The letter also explains how to appeal a decision about a school place.

Appealing a decision about a post-primary school place

If you want to appeal a school's admissions decision, you must do this by:

  • 4.00 pm on Friday 14 June 2019

To read about when and how to appeal a school’s decision, go to:

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