Playing with your baby

Babies can't walk or talk, but they still love to play. There are many fun games you can play with your baby, including 'funny faces' and 'peek-a-boo'. These games can help you communicate with your baby. They'll watch you and become familiar with what you're doing.

Funny faces

Can you change your face to make your baby laugh? To a baby, you can look very funny. Pulling funny faces is a fun way to make your baby feel good. Try sticking out your tongue, puffing out your cheeks, or wiggling your eyebrows. Speak or sing to your child while doing this. It’s funny but it’s also the first step in communicating with your child.

Kiss and count

This game makes counting cuddly for both of you.

Babies find their own hands fascinating so simply hold your baby in your arms, and kiss each finger one at a time. As you do, say: "One baby finger, kiss! Two baby fingers, kiss! Three baby fingers, kiss..."

This gives a baby a good start with numbers and introduces them to the pattern of counting numbers.

Tum chum

To find out how your baby sees the world, lie on the floor with them. For a change of scene, you can both lie on your tummies too. This can also help babies learn to crawl. Go to a safe, soft spot for you and your baby to lie on your tummies and get close. When you lie your child on the floor, put lots of interesting and safe things to attract their attention.

To keep your baby safe, don't let them fall asleep on their tummy.

Raspberry kisses

Nappy changing is a good time to bond by having some fun. Your baby feels free as they lie on their back. They can see your smiles. What about their funny little tummy? Well, you just have to blow a big funny ‘raspberry’ there, don’t you?

Just put your lips on their tummy and blow until it makes a rude, tickly sound. Your baby will soon be giggling.

This little piggy

Baby toes are tickly and wiggly – perfect for perking up rhyme time.

Touch each of your baby's toes in turn as you say the ‘This little piggy’ rhyme. For the words of this rhyme and others, go to:

Start with the big toe and keep going until you reach the little ‘pinky’ toe. Then it all ends with a big tickle.

Your child will love you to repeat this time and time again.

Make them smile


When your baby is looking at you, you can hide behind a cushion. Then pop up with a "peek-a-boo!" Then, do it again, by hiding and then popping up on the other side.

Very young babies think you’ve vanished completely when you hide, but eventually they learn you’re still there. Things still exist even when you can’t see them. Your child will love this game and will want to repeat it often.

Spoon drum

Help your baby hit an upside-down bowl with wooden spoon. ‘Thud’. Tap out a rhythm and they soon get the idea.

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