How does your money help fund organised crime?

The money that you spend on fake and illegal goods such as fake football shirts or handbags or cheap make up can end up in the hands of organised crime gangs including some who call themselves paramilitaries. This money can be used to fund activities such as drug dealing, fraud and extortion, bringing harm to you, your family and your community.

The money chain

You may think there is no harm in buying fake or illegal goods locally, either face to face or online, and that purchasing the likes of fake clothing, toys and cigarettes will save you money. However, in reality, the money chain doesn't end there.

Your money goes to the person who sources these goods and in turn  can be passed to organised crime gangs to help fund illegal activity, including paying for drugs.

These drugs can then be sold in your area bringing crime and anti-social behaviour to your community.

This is how your money can easily end up funding organised crime that brings harm to you, your family and your community.

Further information on fake and illegal goods:

What is organised crime?

There are many definitions of organised crime but generally it involves a group of people involved in serious criminal activities, with the aim of generating substantial profit. Violence or the threat of violence is used by organised criminals in some cases. In Northern Ireland, there is the added dimension that organised crime groups can have paramilitary connections.

Report the sale of fake and illegal goods

If you suspect any criminal activity, including selling fake and illegal goods, you should help end the harm by reporting the incident through one of the following methods:

Tackling the problem

The Organised Crime Task Force (OCTF) was established in 2000 to help secure a safe, just and prosperous society in Northern Ireland by confronting crime through multi agency partnership. It helps to increase the understanding of the organised crime landscape and allows law enforcement agencies to work with Government bodies and private industry to tackle organised crime.

Find out more about what is being done to tackle organised crime in Northern Ireland:

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