Housing associations - how to apply

Registered housing associations (RHAs) offer properties for rent. You can send an application to be considered for housing association accommodation. You can also apply on the same form for Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) accommodation.

Information on housing associations

If you wish to apply to be housed by a housing association or the Housing Executive you must complete an application form. The form is the same for all social landlords and you can get one from any Housing Executive or housing association office.

Completed forms should be returned to the Housing Executive or any of the participating housing associations. The Housing Executive will then visit you, assess your need and make sure that you are registered on the waiting list.

You can also contact housing associations directly to find out their policies about how they let their housing. Check details of housing associations by using the following link:

What if I am unhappy with the housing association decision?

All housing associations have a formal complaints procedure. If you are not happy with the decision or the way your application was treated, you should consider contacting the housing association's complaints officer to make a formal complaint. If, having completed this process, you are still not happy with the outcome, your next course of action would be to refer your complaint to the Northern Ireland Ombudsmans’ Office.

Housing information in other languages

You can find out more about the housing rights of EEA nationals in Northern Ireland by visiting the Housing Advice website:

The site is available in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Slovak, Russian and Portuguese. You can learn more about renting privately, homelessness, sharing a home, paying for your accommodation and other issues that affect migrant workers:

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