Horses need to show normal behaviour patterns

Information about how exercise and training can affect the behaviour of your horse.

Exercise and horses

Horses and ponies require adequate exercise, or freedom to exercise and this will require time and effort from the horse owner or keeper. Most stabled horses will benefit from daily turnout in the field to allow them to graze and socialise with other horses. This may have the added benefit of alleviating the risk of stable vices. If turnout is not feasible, stabled horses should receive suitable exercise regularly, unless this is not advised by the vet.

Training and horses

Horses require calm, consistent and sympathetic handling by capable people. Horses respond best to a firm but gentle approach. If you are unsure how to best handle your horse, advice should be sought from an experienced horse professional. Professional help should be sought as soon as any behavioural issue is encountered.

Horses sense fear in humans and small problems can quickly escalate if not addressed swiftly. It is an offence to cause an animal unnecessary suffering therefore any discipline should be suitable, timely, reasonable and proportionate.

Any restraint method used to assist normal management or treatment of the horse should be the most mild, effective method available and should be applied by a capable person only for the minimum period necessary. Sedatives must only be used if prescribed by a vet.

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