ecarni has introduced an electric vehicle charging infrastructure to Northern Ireland. The introduction of this infrastructure means that 336 electric vehicle charging points are now installed in many towns and cities across Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland ecar Project

Electric vehicles are revolutionising the way people think about cars. With no tail-pipe CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, the electric car is a step towards a more sustainable future.

Pure electric vehicles use no petrol and no diesel. With fuel costs being a cause of concern to many, the switch to electric vehicles is becoming more appealing.

ecarni is part of the UK-wide scheme called Plugged in Places (PIP) which provides government funding to regions that want to bring charging points to their area.

There are also other ‘Plugged in Places’ schemes operating in London, the North East of England, East of England, Manchester, Scotland, and the Midlands.

Find out more on the ecarni website.

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