Conservation at PRONI

The aim of the conservation unit is to preserve the archives in their original form for as long as possible.
Conservation work involves cleaning, repairing damage and sometimes, chemically treating documents to slow down deterioration.

Staff and volunteers working in the Conservation Unit at PRONI

Conservation staff treat the full range of archives held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) which includes paper and parchment manuscripts, maps and plans, prints, drawings, photographs, volumes and seals.  Conservation treatments are intrusive by nature and conservators only carry out those treatments which are absolutely necessary.

The conservators also have responsibility for disaster planning and preventative preservation functions which cover all aspects of collection care.

The conservation unit works closely with all other sections in PRONI to make sure that preservation standards are maintained by all staff and visitors.

Conservation Strategy

We are committed to developing an understanding of the nature and needs of our collections and to develop a conservation strategy that aims to help us to achieve our purpose of “preserving public records appertaining to Northern Ireland” (Public Records Act (NI) 1923).

The strategic aims of the conservation unit are:

  1. To understand the preservation needs of our collections. This involves assessing the nature of our collections and materials within them, providing the necessary environmental conditions, suitable storage and handling climates that are sustainable.
  2. To provide resources to meet our preservation objectives. We are committed to seeking and maintaining the necessary resources to allow us to carry out our strategy, including the long-term growth of collections and variety of formats.
  3. To define and prioritize the actions and measures necessary to protect and preserve collections and items in storage and in use. We will continue to embed accepted preservation practices into the day to day work of all staff at PRONI. 

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