Appealing a Child Maintenance decision

If you got a child maintenance decision on or after 11 July 2016 but think it’s wrong, you can appeal if you have asked Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to change their decision. This is a Mandatory Reconsideration.

This information is for Child Maintenance Service decisions made on or after 11 July 2016. 

Mandatory Reconsideration process

To request a Mandatory Reconsideration you need to ask the office that made the decision to look at it again. Following the Mandatory Reconsideration stage you will receive a copy of a Mandatory Reconsideration Notice.

If your Child Maintenance Service decision was made before 11 July 2016, go to:

Appeals process

If you want to appeal the decision after a Mandatory Reconsideration, you must send your appeal directly to The Appeals Service:

You should send the completed appeal form with the Mandatory Reconsideration Notice  to The Appeals Service (TAS) Belfast office.

You can also appeal by writing a letter to The Appeals Service (TAS).
If you apply in writing you must:

  • provide reasons for the appeal
  • sign it, or have someone legally authorised to act on your behalf
  • include your Mandatory Reconsideration Notice


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