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Need a new or updated licence

Need to hire a car on holiday this year? You should check well in advance of travelling to make sure your driving licence will be valid.

Applying for a provisional driving licence

Getting a provisional licence for a car, moped, motorcycle, lorry, minibus and bus

Replacing your driving licence if lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed

How to replace your lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed driving licence

Renewing your driving licence

How to renew your driving licence

The cost of a driving licence

Driving licence application fees for different vehicles and how to pay

The photocard driving licence explained

Full explanation of the photocard driving licence

Older drivers – deciding when to stop driving

Guidance on continuing to drive as you get older

Keeping your driving licence up to date

Changing your name or address on your paper or photocard driving licence

Identity documents and photographs

What you need when you apply for a photocard licence

It's time to MOT your paperwork

Every time your name, address or other details change, you can apply for an updated driving licence and vehicle registration certificate free-of-charge

Checking service

How to get your details checked at a test centre