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Apply for Pension Credit

If you’ve reached the minimum qualifying age you may be entitled to Pension Credit - extra money each week. It comprises two elements - the 'Guarantee Credit' and the 'Savings Credit' (which may be payable from age 65).

How to use this service

Use the links below to download and complete a claim form or contact the Social Security Agency for a claim form.

Download a form

When you reach the qualifying age, you can apply for Pension Credit:

You can download, print and complete a claim form.  When the form is complete, you can do either of the following:

To calculate your payment, the Social Security Agency uses the date they received your form, not the date you downloaded the claim form.

Ask for a form

You can get Pension Credit forms from the Social Security Agency.  Contact one of their offices.

Claim by telephone

To make a claim, telephone the Northern Ireland Pension Centre  Application Line. Calls are free and the form will be completed for you.

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