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Skills to Succeed - Youth Employment Scheme 18 - 24

Youth Employment Scheme

If you are unemployed and between the ages of 18 and 24 years old, the Youth Employment Scheme (YES) can help you develop the skills and gain the experience you need to get a job

Skills development

A skills development opportunity (lasting up to 26 weeks) will enable you to carry out a range of tasks or duties similar to an employee, but with the emphasis on job specific skills training.

Opportunities are available primarily within sectors where there is potential for future jobs growth and focus on skills training, giving you the chance to achieve additional or build on existing qualifications.

You will receive a Training Allowance equivalent to your benefit entitlement plus a premium of £45 per week. In addition, travel costs in excess of £4 per week will be reimbursed.

The types of opportunities on offer

Businesses of all sizes can offer skills development placements. These will be advertised on the Jobcentreonline website and staff at your local Jobs and Benefits office or JobCentre can provide further information.

If you use the Advanced Search feature on Jobcentreonline you can select "Youth Employment Scheme" opportunities.

How to get on the Youth Employment Scheme

Speak to an Employment Service Adviser in your local Jobs and Benefits Office or JobCentre to discuss what skills you need to develop. They can help you develop job search skills and advise on CV building and interview techniques. They can also help you identify suitable skills development opportunities that will improve your chances of getting a job.

You can get more information on the Youth Employment Scheme by contacting your local Jobs and Benefits office or JobCentre or by ringing 0300 200 7822.

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