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Pension Credit

Are you eligible for Pension Credit? You may be missing out on this and other benefits you are entitled to

Pension Credit - introduction

Find out if you are entitled to Pension Credit and how and when to apply for this benefit

Understanding Pension Credit

Find out about who is eligible for Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit

Income, benefits and Pension Credit

Find out more about how your income may affect Pension Credit, how Pension Credit is paid and how it might affect your other benefits

Changes to Assessed Income Periods

Find out what an Assessed Income Period is, what the changes are from 6 April 2016 and the new end dates from 14 July 2016.

Examples of Pension Credit

Read these examples to get a better understanding of how Pension Credit applies to a real-life situation

Get a Pension Credit estimate

Use the online tool to get an estimate of how much Pension Credit you could receive

Pension Credit - keeping you in control

You can get Pension Credit even if you have some savings, a second pension, or your own home