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Looking for work

Where to find a job

Competition for jobs is great and job hunting can take time. The successful candidates will be those who make the most of their job-search skills. So where should you start?

Training programmes

Information on training programmes available to increase your skills and experience to help you into work

Extra help with getting into work

Information on what support is available to help you into work

Applying for jobs

Help and advice on how to apply for jobs, including how to write a CV, fill in job applications and prepare for interviews

Careers in Health and Social Care

Find out what opportunities are available, and what to study, if you are interested in a career in Health and Social Care

Becoming a volunteer

Voluntary work could offer the opening you need if you are having difficulty finding work

Find a job abroad

Jobseekers from the European Economic Area (EEA) member states have the right to live, work and study in any other member state without restriction

Getting a holiday job

During holiday periods there are more opportunities for people looking for work. You can use a holiday job to explore your future career, help you learn new skills, add experience to your CV or see it as an opportunity to travel.