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Flooding in your area

How to protect your home against flooding

Find out what actions you can take to prevent serious damage to your property if there is flooding in your area

Homeowner Flood Protection Grant Scheme

Find if you are eligible to apply for a grant that could help you with modifications to make your home more resistant to flooding

Preparing for a flood

Find out how to take basic steps to protect your home and belongings from flood damage

Reporting flooding

Information and advice on flooded and waterlogged roads and who to contact in Northern Ireland if there is a flood

What to do if a flood happens

Advice and help on what to do if you get a flood warning or you are flooded

Simple steps to reduce the risk of burst pipes

Find out what action to take to prevent burst pipes in your home

After a flood - making an insurance claim

Advice on how to make an insurance claim following flood damage to your property

After a flood - clearing up

Advice on what precautions you should take whilst clearing up after a flood

Rivers and watercourses

Advice and information from Rivers Agency if you expect to discharge into a river or watercourse

Dealing with emergencies

Find out what help is available in Northern Ireland to help you deal with emergencies