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Blue Badge scheme

The Blue Badge Unit have an ongoing backlog of Applications and are currently processing applications received in |December 2015. Blue Badge Holders can continue to use their Badge, provided they have submitted a re-application form, and the expiry date on their Badge is after 01 November 2015. Our Traffic Attendants are aware of this and you will not be penalised for using your expired Badge. However this only applies in Northern Ireland and does not apply on private roads or in private car parks e.g. shopping centres or hospitals.

The Blue Badge parking scheme

The Blue Badge scheme provides a range of parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems

Misuse of parking spaces for people with disabilities

It is an offence for motorists without disabilities to park in an on-street space reserved for people with disabilities

Accessible parking bays

Find out about accessible parking bays which are spaces on public roads reserved for Blue Badge Holders

Blue Badge Scheme - A guide for badge holders

This guide provides information on your rights and responsibilities as a blue badge holder and also where your badge can and can't be used.