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Work Connect

Work Connect is one of a range of programmes and services that offers to help people into work. It is specifically designed for people with disabilities and health conditions.

How it works

Work Connect offers a range of pre-employment and in-work support and assistance to help overcome barriers that others without disabilities or health conditions may not encounter.

It is designed to support and to help move people from incapacity related benefits into lasting, paid employment. And, where possible, to sustain employment through three clearly defined stages, as follows:

Pre-employment support

This offers you a range of tailored assistance for up to 26 weeks to improve your employability and to assist you to find a job.

Job entry support

This will assist you prepare for and make a smooth transition into employment. This includes a range of support for you when you commence work, as well as support and assistance for the employer.

Supporting sustained employment

This will assist you to sustain employment by providing ongoing tailored support throughout your first 26 weeks of employment.

Who is it for?

Work Connect will help you if you have health and/or disability related barriers to employment. It will offer support and guidance to help you move towards or achieve employment.

You must be in receipt of Employment Support Allowance (ESA), or Incapacity Benefit (IB).

How do I apply?

You will be referred ,in the first instance, by the Employment Service Adviser in your local Jobs and Benefits Office/JobCentre. The assistance offered to you will depend on the particular barriers identified by the Work Connect Provider in conjunction with yourself.

Your participation in Work Connect is voluntary.

Work Connect Provider role

The Work Connect Provider will offer the following elements in the delivery of the service:

  • initial engagement with you
  • personal action plan and support package
  • a core menu of services to you for the pre-employment, job entry and in-work support elements of the programme

Work Connect provider

Supported Employment Solutions (SES) will deliver Work Connect throughout Northern Ireland. SES is a consortium which brings together seven specialist disability organisations:

More information

You can find out more information from your local Jobs and Benefits Office/JobCentre and/or the DisabilityEmployment Service (DES).

Disability Employment Service
Work Connect Team
2nd Floor
Gloucester House
57-63 Chichester Street

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