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On a low income

Income Support

Basic information about claiming Income Support benefit if you can't work full-time and don't have enough money to live on

Housing Benefit and Rate Relief

Basic information about claiming Housing Benefit if you need financial help to pay all or part of your rent

Help from the Social Fund

Basic information about getting help with an emergency or disaster

Benefits for higher education students with low incomes

If you have a low income: Income Support, Jobseeker´s Allowance and more

Getting help to make your mortgage interest payments

Help you can get towards your mortgage interest payments if you are on certain benefits

Mortgage Interest Run On

Basic information about claiming Mortgage Interest Run On to help pay your mortgage or home loan interest

Extended Payment of Housing Benefit / Rate Relief

Basic information about getting Extended Payment of Housing Benefit when certain benefits stop because for example you're returning to work

Energy Efficiency grants

Basic information about getting Energy Efficiency grants and offers to help you save energy in your home

Affordable Warmth Grant Scheme

Basic information about applying for a grant to help pay for heating and insulation improvements in your privately owned or rented home