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Money to learn - Education Maintenance Allowance

What is the Money to Learn Education Maintenance Allowance?

The Education Maintenance Allowance, known as EMA, is worth up to £30 a week and is paid straight into your bank account. This information refers to applications for academic year 2015/16

EMA: Northern Ireland nationality and residency requirements

To be eligible for EMA, you must meet the residence and nationality rules set out for the EMA scheme

How to apply for Money to Learn Education Maintenance Allowance

Applying for Education Maintenance Allowance is easy - just follow the checklist

Money to Learn EMA - allowable deductions and household income statement

Information on what you can deduct from your household income which may determine the level of EMA you receive

Does your Money to Learn EMA application need to be reviewed?

Have your details changed in any way? If so, then your Education Maintenance Allowance application may need to be reassessed

EMA: the facts for parents and carers

Information if you support someone who gets Education Maintenance Allowance