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Mental health

Find a mental health organisation

Search for a list of mental health organisations in your area

Introduction to mental health

Where to find help if mental health is a concern

Mental health care professionals

An overview of people who work in the field of mental health care

Mental health emergency - if you're in crisis or despair

What to do in a mental health crisis or if you're in crisis or despair

Mental health services

Information about mental health services, which involves care provided by a range of teams, including GPs and specialised mental health professionals

Mental health support

If you have a mental health difficulty, there are many services that can provide the help, support and assistance you need

Community care options

There is a range of community mental health services

Mental health and work

Things that your employer and you can do to support you at work

Mental health and the Disability Discrimination NI Act (2002)

Some mental health conditions are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act

Your rights in health

The Mental Health Northern Ireland (1986) order and rights under the Disability Discrimination Act

Your child's mental health

Information on how to deal with any worries you might have about your child's mental health

Mental health and support as you get older

Advice on how to deal with mental health as you grow older and where to go for help