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Making a complaint about a taxi or private hire service

If you have a problem with a taxi or driver's behaviour, or you believe a vehicle to be unlicensed, report it immediately. Be sure to take down the vehicle licence number and the driver's licence number (normally shown on their badge).

Complaints about taxis and private hire vehicles

If you are unhappy with the fare, quality of vehicle, driving or behaviour of the driver or any other issue, make your complaint to the driver or the taxi company.

Try to note the taxi’s licence plate number, the driver’s badge number, time of the incident, date and location it took place or as much information as possible. Explain in detail what went wrong, stay calm and stick to the facts.

If you cannot get the complaint resolved with the driver or taxi company, contact:

Driver and Vehicle Agency
Road Transport Licensing Division
148 - 158 Corporation Street
Telephone: 028 9025 4100

If the behaviour involves a criminal act, then you should report it to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

In an emergency, call 999.