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Cycling - The greener choice

Cycling is seen as an answer to some of the environmental problems arising from transport choices.

Some facts you might be interested in include:

  • in Northern Ireland 29 per cent of total carbon emissions were attributed to road transport, with the car providing over half of this figure
  • at current rates of change, in a few years transport will become the largest source of greenhouse gases in Northern Ireland
  • cyclists can travel four times faster than walkers using the same amount of energy
  • on a bike you can travel up to 650 miles on the energy equivalent of a single litre of petrol
  • cycling and walking are 'door to door' modes of transport because you can go from home directly to your destination, without having to divert to park your car or make an initial journey on foot to get on a bus, tram or train
  • a ride of one mile at a moderate speed will take an average cyclist about five minutes to complete. Therefore, if you live less than five miles from work you could cycle there in under half an hour
  • there are now over 1,300kms of National Cycle Network (NCN) cycle paths throughout Northern Ireland

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