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Cycle hoops

Cyclists can now use a cycle hoop to securely park their bicycles on the street. The new cycle hoops convert existing signposts and lampposts into secure cycle stands.

What is a cycle hoop?

Cyclists wanting to securely park their bike often chain it to railings or lampposts. Now they have the option of cycle hoops, which:

  • prevent bicycles from falling over
  • allow them to be locked through the frame and both wheels, reducing the risk of theft

The cycle hoop (coloured either grey or bright orange) complements other measures which have already been provided for cyclists in recent years, such as:

  • cycle lanes
  • advanced stop lines
  • toucan crossings

They are ideal for locations where pavement space is limited and their compact design helps reduce street clutter.

Where are cycle hoops?

One hundred new hoops have been installed across central and south Belfast.

You can find out where the Belfast cycle hoops can be found in the document below:

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