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Register your boat with HM Coastguard - the voluntary safety identification scheme

If you didn't return to dock when expected, who would raise the alarm? And would they be able to give the coastguard enough information to find you? Here's how to join a scheme giving coastguards around the UK your details - in an emergency this information could save your life.

How the voluntary safety identification scheme (CG66) works

The voluntary safety identification scheme (CG66) is run by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). It provides the coastguard with vital information about your boat in an emergency. Even if you tell a friend or family member where you are heading on your boat, they may not know who to contact if you don't return. They might not have enough details about your boat and your whereabouts to be able to tell the coastguard how to find you.

If you register your boat through the CG66 scheme and you get into trouble, you just need to provide the basic information about your boat and situation in a Mayday call. The coastguard can get more information about your boat, like what it looks like and the safety equipment you are carrying, from the CG66 database. This information helps the coastguard respond to your call.

The CG66 database is accessible to Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres (MRCCs) throughout the UK.

How to join the CG66 scheme

The CG66 scheme is free to join and you can register online.

You can also print out a registration form and send it to your nearest MRCC. Or you can get a form at any of the following locations:

What happens once you have registered your details

When you register, your details are entered in the CG66 database and kept on record for two years. The information is only used for search and rescue and safety purposes. After two years, you'll need to update your details or they will be removed from the database.

If the details of your vessel or your contact details change, update your details in the CG66 database so the coastguard has the correct information. If you dispose of your vessel, let your local MRCC know.

When you register, you have to provide contact details for someone on shore. Make sure this person knows that you have registered your boat with the coastguard. Provide them with details of the MRCC where you registered your CG66 so they can contact the coastguard if they have any concerns for your safety.

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