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Parking and parking enforcement

Parking Enforcement Protocol

Procedures for issuing parking tickets, the role of traffic attendants, the process for challenging a penalty charge notice and details on the contravention codes used

Paying a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice)

Information about how to pay a parking ticket

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) contravention codes with descriptions

Provides you with details of the contravention codes that appear on parking tickets and descriptions of the parking offences

Challenging a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice)

Details and advice on how to challenge a penalty charge notice

Exemptions to parking restrictions

Reasons why a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may not be issued and the specific details of these exemptions are explained here

Parking enforcement

Provides you with information on the way that parking is enforced in Northern Ireland

Off-street and on-street parking

Provides you with information about how and where you can park across Northern Ireland

Parking advice and parking schemes

General advice on parking and the types of parking schemes in use across Northern Ireland

On-street Pay and Display tariff details for controlled parking zones

Provides you with information about the tariffs applied to On-street parking within controlled parking zones

Bus lane locations and hours of operation

Provides details of bus lane locations, the length of the lanes and the times that they are in operation