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Occupying and leaving a property

When you move home, you should contact your local Land & Property Services (LPS) rating office otherwise you may be held responsible for rates after the date that you left. This page tells you what to do and who to contact if you move home.

Leaving your old property

When you move out of your home you must contact LPS. Please have your Account ID and Ratepayer ID numbers and details about the new owners or people in your property ready.

Please use the links below for an explanation of where to find these numbers:

Contact details for LPS are as follows:

  • phone: 0300 200 7801 (charged at local rate)
  • text relay: 18001 0300 200 7801

You can also visit or write to any LPS rating office. For information on how to find your nearest rating office, please use the link below:

The same level of rates is due on all domestic properties whether occupied or empty, following the introduction of Rating of Empty Homes on 1 October 2011. There may be some exclusions that may apply and you can find out more about these by using the link below:

Moving into a new property

When you move into your new home, you must let your local LPS rating office know. Otherwise you may receive a backdated rate bill. You can also advise them of how you wish to pay.

Moving into a newly built property

If the property is a new build, you should contact your local LPS valuation office. A valuer will come out to assess your property. A rate bill will then be issued based on this valuation. Again you should be aware that failure to inform LPS could lead to the issue of a backdated rate bill.

For information on how to find your nearest valuation office, please use the following link:

Ratepayers may also apply directly to LPS to have a new property valued by completing and returning the application form below to have the valuation list revised (CR3). This is a writeable document, which means that you can complete on screen, print and send to LPS.

If you think you may be entitled to Rates Housing Benefit or Rate Relief, you should apply immediately.

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