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Independence at home

If you have a disability that makes living alone difficult, making some adaptations to your home may help. You may also get extra support to help you live in your own home.

Living in your own home

If you need improvements and adaptations to your home so you can continue to live there independently, you may qualify for help.

A health and social care assessment with the social services department of your local trust is often the first step towards getting the help and support you need. Following an assessment your occupational therapist may recommend types of equipment and ideas about adapting your home.

You may also be entitled to financial help, such as a Disabled Facilities Grant, to pay for adaptations or improvements to your home.

Independent living support

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) provides payments to people with severe disabilities. The payment can be used to help you live independently, for example by employing a personal assistant.

Help from the Housing Executive

Your local Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) office can tell you about services and about the housing association properties in your area - and can advise you which may be suitable for you.

The housing office can also tell you about supported or sheltered housing and care homes in your area. Supported or sheltered housing enables people to live independently but with extra daily support.

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