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Advice for vehicle keepers

Wearing a seat belt and exemptions

Vehicles requiring the use of seat belts and seat belt exemptions

Modified cars - what you need to know

Information about car modifications, including in-car entertainment, lights and suspension

Using your mobile phone while driving

How you could be breaking the law if you use your mobile phone for calling or texting when you drive

Tinted vehicle windows - the rules

The police and vehicle examiners from the DVA use light-measuring equipment to measure window tints - do you know the limits?

Maintaining your vehicle

Vehicle maintenance from cleaning, to weekly checks and regular servicing

Release of information from DVA records

Find out how to get information from DVA records; who asks DVA for information?

Tyre labelling

Need new tyres? Tyres are now labelled with info on fuel efficiency, noise and stopping distances to help you choose

Annual MOT

Cars, Motorcycles, Quads and Light goods vehicles are required to be tested annually

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