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Walking in a forest

Forest Service manages many acres of conifer and broadleaved forests, natural woodland, nature reserves and historic landscapes. For safety and to contain tree disease, visitors in forests should observe signage and remain on way marked paths.

Activities in forests

Find out what's on in forests including activities such as walking, cycling, horseriding, camping and caravanning,

Public forests in Northern Ireland

Search public forests in Northern Ireland by county and find out how to stay safe and be responsible in public forests.

Forests with accessible facilities for people with disabilities

Information on forests which have additional facilities which are accessible for people with disabilities

Latest forest news

Important information relating to forests, such as details about tree diseases, forest closures and other developments in public forests

Private woodlands, plant health, grants and funding

Information about grants and funding for developing private woodlands, and advice on plant health

Environmental protection in forests

Forest visitors and owners need to consider how to preserve and protect forest wildlife and environment

Forest recreation charges

Find out about charges for using particular forests or gaining permission for organised activities in forests

Preventing the spread of tree disease

Users of forests are asked to observe signage and remain on the way marked paths