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Student finance

If you normally live in Northern Ireland and are doing or planning to do a higher education course in the UK or Republic of Ireland find out what student finance is available for the 2014/2015 academic year.

Student finance: an introduction

A guide to student finance for new students entering higher education

What you could get

Information on loans, grants, bursaries and awards and how to qualify for them

How to apply - new students

Advice on how to apply for financial help for full and part-time courses

Finance after your first year

A guide to the application process and what to do if your circumstances change

Repaying student loans

How you will repay your loan if your course started before 1998 and how you will repay it if your course stared after 1998

Finance for students who are not from Northern Ireland?

Advice on student finance available and how to apply for if you are from outside Northern Ireland.

Financially supporting a student

Your rights and responsibilities if you are a parent, spouse or partner of a student

Student finance: other funding

Information on other sources of funding available

Students from other EU countries

Advice on student finance available if you are from a European Union (EU) country outside of the UK