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Community safety

'Community safety' relates to your sense of personal security and feeling of safety in a place where you live, work, or spend your leisure time. It covers a number of projects, including Neighbourhood Policing. It is about being safe and feeling safe, by addressing locally identified priorities. There are ways that you can get involved to improve the safety of your own community.

Policing and Community Safety Partnerships

Community Safety Partnerships and District Policing Partnerships were replaced on 1 April 2012 by Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs).

PCSPs aim to make our communities safer. PCSPs are statutory bodies established under the Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 and bring together the functions and responsibilities of District Policing Partnerships (DPPs) and Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs).

These new partnerships will work in a more joined up way to the benefit of local communities. They are funded jointly by the Department of Justice and the Northern Ireland Policing Board.

What PCSPs do

PCSPs aim to make our community safer by focussing on the policing and community safety issues that matter most in each local council area.

In making communities safer PCSPs will:

  • consult and engage with the local community on the issues of concern in relation to policing and community safety. The Policing Committee has a responsibility to provide views to the relevant district commander and the Policing Board on policing matters
  • identify and prioritise the particular issues of concern and prepare plans for how these can be tackled
  • monitor - a Policing Committee comprising the political and independent members will monitor the performance of the police and work to gain the co-operation of the public with the police in preventing crime
  • deliver a reduction in crime and enhance community safety in their district, directly through their own actions, through the work of their delivery groups or through support for the work of others

Neighbourhood policing

Neighbourhood Policing Teams are made up of full and part-time police officers and partner organisations. Their job is to listen to the things that really matter to you in your area, while working together with the community to find sustainable solutions.

How to get involved

One of the simplest ways you can make a difference is to join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. If there isn't one in your area you might consider starting one. Your local police station, or Policing and Community Safety Partnership manager, should be able to put you in touch with a scheme near you.

There is also a diverse range of local groups working in the community that encourage residents to get involved. For example, Partners and Communities Together (PACT) and local Neighbourhood Policing team panels. Talk to your local team to find out what's happening in your area and how you can get involved.

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