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Challenging a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice)

on street parking sign If you have received a parking ticket or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and you want to challenge it, the following information will help you. Please be aware that you will not be able to make an online challenge until the PCN information has been uploaded. This can take up to 24 hours.

Challenging a parking ticket (PCN)

Initially, a parking ticket (PCN) can be challenged in either of two ways:

  • online (using the green button below)

Challenge your parking ticket online

  • in writing to the Parking Enforcement Processing Unit at the address below:
Parking Enforcement Processing Unit
P.O. Box 134
BT52 9AF

If a challenge to the parking ticket (PCN) is received within 14 days, the discount period will not expire while the challenge is considered.

When the challenge has been dealt with, and if the parking ticket (PCN) is upheld, you will be informed of a new discount deadline date in the letter of reply.

If a challenge is received after the expiry of the discount period, the full charge will apply if the parking ticket (PCN) is upheld.

What happens after a challenge?

If the challenge is successful, the parking ticket (PCN) will be cancelled and the case will be closed. You will be informed of this in writing by the Parking Enforcement Processing Unit.

If the challenge is refused, you will be informed in writing. You can then either pay the parking ticket (PCN) or, if you are the registered keeper and you wish to continue to contest the parking ticket (PCN), you should await the issue of a Notice to Owner.

When a Notice to Owner has been issued, the registered keeper of the vehicle may submit a Representation, which will be considered by the Parking Enforcement Processing Unit.

If you want to make a Representation, you can do so on the following page:

Complaints about a Traffic Attendant

Traffic Attendants are employed by NSL Services Group (NSL). Any complaints about the behaviour of Traffic Attendants should be put in writing to:

NSL Services Group
Lindsay House
Callender Street

When making a complaint, you should give as much detail as possible. Complaints received by NSL will be investigated and you will receive a written reply from NSL.

If, as well as making a complaint about a Traffic Attendant, you are also challenging a parking ticket (PCN), you may include the complaint in your letter of challenge to the Parking Enforcement Processing Unit.

The complaint will be passed to NSL who will investigate and reply to you. The Parking Enforcement Processing Unit will reply on the parking ticket (PCN) challenge.

Please note, a Traffic Attendant is expected to issue a parking ticket (PCN) if he/ she considers that a vehicle is parked in contravention of parking restrictions. The fact alone that a parking ticket (PCN) was issued is not a reason for a complaint. The parking ticket (PCN) may be challenged if you feel that it should not have been issued.

A complaint about a Traffic Attendant may be made in relation to their behaviour, whether or not a parking ticket (PCN) was issued.

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