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Beginner's guide to pensions

Thinking of taking early retirement? Find out what effect early retirement might have on your pensions and what steps you can take to protect your pension income.

Pensions - an overview

Learn about the different types of pension schemes available - from the State Pension to private and company pensions

Basic and additional State Pension

The State Pension is made up of the basic State Pension and the additional State Pension - find out what they are and who gets them

How pensions work

Find out what types of pension are available, how they work, how much you can get and where to get advice

Tax relief on pension contributions

How tax relief on pension contributions works and how it's paid

Simple steps to save for your retirement

Find out how to build your income for your retirement

Pension rules from April 2006

How pension rules changed in April 2006 - including the added flexibility in saving for a pension and receiving pension benefits

Starting a pension

There are two main ways to start a pension: get one through your job. You can have both