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AccessNI: Criminal record checks

AccessNI will be holding registered body training sessions for signatories and administrators processing AccessNI checks. Find out more at AccessNI training for registered bodies

AccessNI applications

Apply for and manage applications for basic, standard and enhanced checks

AccessNI checks

Find out what information is included in each check and what you need to apply for them

AccessNI cost and turnaround times

Every week AccessNI updates turnaround times for processing checks

AccessNI individuals

For certain jobs or voluntary roles you will require an AccessNI basic, standard or enhanced criminal records check

About AccessNI

AccessNI is a criminal record disclosure service in Northern Ireland

AccessNI employers

Certain employers and organisations can ask you for an AccessNI criminal records check if you apply to work or volunteer with them

Find an umbrella body

An Umbrella Body is an organisation which has registered with AccessNI to make applications for standard and enhanced disclosures on behalf of other organisations.

AccessNI registered bodies

AccessNI authorises registered bodies to request standard and enhanced criminal record checks for staff or volunteers

AccessNI advice, complaints and disputes

AccessNI has a process for complaints or disputes if you disagree with information on your AccessNI certificate

Working overseas - criminal record checks

An employer overseas will tell you about the criminal record check they require