Find training if you're rejoining the apprenticeship programme

A number of training suppliers across Northern Ireland are contracted to work with apprentices to help them qualify in their chosen profession. If you're rejoining the apprenticeship programme, you and your employer must speak to one of these training suppliers to arrange your ‘off-the-job’ training.

Before you start

If you were already on the programme and left, you can rejoin to complete the rest of your apprenticeship.

Contact details for those wishing to rejoin only are available below:

Apprenticeship training suppliers

Additional information

If you are joining the apprenticeship programme for the first time, training will be delivered from one of the training contractors below:

A list of Further Education Colleges and Higher Education institutions offering Higher Level Apprenticeship are available at this link:

If you need additional support, for example if you have a disability, your training supplier will organise this for you with a specially trained support provider. They will work closely together on your behalf, so that you can benefit fully from the Apprenticeships training programme.

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